Startup Preparation

Land, Setup and Operate Your Business in Canada

Starting a new business in a foreign country is exciting yet uncertain. Often, individuals are consumed by the logistics of the move, forgetting to envision the life they aim to build as immigrants.

That's where VIVISION CONSULTING comes in. Our Startup Preparation service is designed to guide you through every aspect of launching your business, from business planning and legal compliance to operational setup. With our expert guidance, you can confidently navigate the startup landscape, ensuring your venture's smooth and successful launch.

Who Can Benefit?

Entrepreneurs & Business Owners with a global vision and ambition.

How We Will Help You

Prepare key business documents, including business plan, financial analysis, and pitch materials.

Business Material Preparation

Land the business in Canada with proper setup.

Land Business in Canada

Design an innovative product based on:

Product Design

Your Capabilities

Canadian market trends




Getting support from Incubators

Identify the right fit, apply to designated organizations, and secure letter of support (LoS).

What's The Next Step?

Submit Your Request






Evaluation and Contact

Brief Session

Proposal Development

Proposal Meeting

Begin by sharing your requirements through our website.

We'll assess your needs and reach out to discuss further details.

If suitable, we'll schedule a brief consultation to delve deeper into your objectives.

Our team will craft a tailored proposal, detailing our approach and solutions.

We'll present the proposal, address any queries, and finalize details together.